The materials Opening The Better Future
Leading Company of the Automotive Parts
World-Known Die Casting and Precision Machining – DAEHAN AUTOTECH
DAEHAN AUTOTECH, since its establishment in 2012, worked with a customer-first mind, core competency building,
mutual trust among employees, and corporate philanthropy under the 4 values of dedication, righteousness, passion,
and faith. It became the leading company in casting and metalworking field as a result.
By self-reflection and innovation, we will continuously upgrade our technology, quality, efficiency, and
price competitiveness to be the GLOBAL hidden champion. Please keep your eyes on us and send your
unchanging love with cheer to all employees who work on the same page.
We plan to be the leading company of future automotive part development with our high-tech technology.
Thank you.
Innovative Technology, Automotive Industry Pioneer


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  • Headquarters
  • 29, Junam Sandan 3-ro, Yangsan-si, Gyeongnam
  • TEL
  • +82-55-365-3369
  • FAX
  • +82-55-382-3369
  • E-mail